Our Story

Children love to PAINT, to play with colour and to have the ability for free creation at their own pace. For us it is not only the outcome of their creation that is important, but rather how much FUN they had in class and how much they GROW in CONFIDENCE.

Art Tutor - Carma Jewell

My name is Carma Jewell I am an artist and a qualified Art Tutor.

After a number of years of teaching art to young children, I discovered one important fact, children love to have FUN! They love to use their imaginations and no matter what their drawing or painting looks like, their little faces beam with pride at their own creations.

Some of my artwork....by Carma Jewell

Tutor - Bianca Steyn

Bianca is a fully trained Art4kidz Tutor. She is a wonderful, fun art tutor who loves children. Your child will enjoy her relaxed, attentive nature. Our style of teaching is to cater to individual little personalities and Bianca is great at building a child's confidence and bringing out their best. Her soft gentle personality will definitely make your child feel happy and at ease.

Why Us?

Children are always learning. If you are alive you are learning. It is what we all do best if given two things.

1- Encouragement

2- Praise

In our art/drawing/painting classes for 3 to 4.5 year old children, we use 6 universal lines that provide the building blocks for all the shapes in a drawing. These lines when incorporated into the Art games and exercises will provide a solid foundation for future development and expertise.

A child needs competent and effective training from the very start of their involvement. Our objective is to nurture, develop, and inspire your child in an environment that is fun, creative and builds self confidence. We encourage children to participate by using story telling and allowing them to interpret our lesson in their own form.

We believe their are no mistakes in Art and that children learn by repetition, improving in every lesson.

Children aged 5 to 8 years of age will enjoy a variety of art techniques using watercolour pencils, felt tip pens, pastels, chalk pastel and paint.

The older painting class ages 8 to 14 can enjoy painting on canvas in a relaxed, environment allowing them ample time to perfect their work.


  • Confidence Building
  • Social Interaction
  • Imagination
  • Eye-hand coordination
  • Improves English
  • Improves writing Form
  • Creativity
  • Visual perspective
  • Dimensions
  • Colour mixing